You’re Hired Random

12 12 2009

Hurhur I disappeared for a month again >< Oh well, probably not posting Beyond synopsis cos a lot of people are already posting (I recommend K-tvb (:) but will post some caps later on (: Recently my mum and sis got addicted to watching You’re Hired too, so I shall post some random stuff I (and my sis) noticed  (:

Episode 5 Name card

The name card Joel passes to Dayo was recycled from The Building Blocks of Life (: 钟国强 was Alex’s name in the show, his character was an architect and the company has the exact same name.

Episode 17 Poster

In episode 17 when Queenie goes to the karaoke lounge to find Michael, Linda’s poster appears in the background (:

Episode 21 Bus

When Dayo was walking on the streets and saw Cheung Kwok Keung on a television (in some store), a bus with an advertisment of tavia passed behind him 😀

Episode 22 TV

After a phone call with Charmaine Dayo went to randomly surf the television channels, and for a moment he was watching Survivor’s Law 2 (episode 1 where Kenneth waits for Ella at the airport) (:

Haah I love You’re Hired (for the random parts they have XD) hurhur my episode 4 caps are somewhere on my computer but too lazy to type ><



27 10 2009

I’m finally back (: a week late though :/

These few days I got too occupied with watching Beyond and Born Rich, as well as reading fungyi fanfics (some fanfics on baidu are very good)

Hmm, I probably should continue with the You’re Hired summaries (: and maybe do Beyond ones as well (my Beyond screencaps in the computer are piling up sky high XD) Oh and maybe i should go scan my huge (or, rather huge) collection of articles on You’re Hired (: and tavia news articles, of course XD


11 10 2009

If you haven’t noticed,


My exams are coming soon (really really soon) so I need to go revise 😦 oh well. I shall be back  around next week, and then post all my summaries 🙂

YH pics

20 09 2009

Didn’t update for a long time because I had a biology exam on Wed and spent the rest of the days watching D.I.E. Again >< Shall post something different for once 😀 images of You’re Hired ^^

Set 1: ft. Dayo and Charmaine

YHb2i YHb2

Alt. Icons:

YHb2i2 YHb2i1

Set 2: ft. Dayo and Charmaine

YHb3i YHb3

Alt. icons:

YHb3i1 YHb3i2

Set 3: ft. Power and Mandy

YHb4i YHb4

Alt. icon:


Random icons and banners:



Please credit if used (:

Resources: Hybrid-Genesis, les_ptits_riens

You’re Hired ep 3

13 09 2009

Episode 3 summary 😀 I just realised I have less and less screencaps 😦 oh well XD


Chai Kei’s business deproved as the shop (which Song had given advice to) had stolen away all their customers. Hence, they decide to give discounts and have a takeaway service, but it makes the situation the same /even worse, so Miu decides to ask Song for advice. Song tells them to elect a CEO, so they decide to appoint Sum as Chai Kei’s CEO as he seems the most suitable.


Lin accepts a takeaway order without knowing that the customer lives in a place filled with gangfights, but she insists delivering the order to not ruin Chai Kei’s reputation. Song tags along with her, and they meet into two gangs fighting. Lin then greets them and asks them to let her pass through. After delivering the order, they realised that the customer gave $2 less. Thus, Song and Lin insisted on getting the correct change, and threatened the customer that they would report to the police about the illegal gatherings in his house, so they succeed in the end.3c

Kat’s company is interested in buying down the whole street (that Chai Kei is located at), so Sum and Kiu decide to suck up to Kat, in order to get a good price. In  the end they found out that the person in charge of the project was Song. At dinner, Sum and Kiu keeps on suggesting to sell the shop, and Song also goes over to Miu’s house to check if they would sell the shop. Song also gives a cheque to Miu to repay his debt.

Personal thoughts:

I love this ep 🙂 I feel that its quite funny, the way two gangs stopped fighting for a while just because they had to give way to people delivering food XD I also love Charmaine’s yellow shirt in this ep, it just looks so pretty ^^

You’re Hired ep 2

11 09 2009

Summary of  “You’re Hired” 2nd ep 😀 This show is really nice, I got addicted after episode 2 (:


Miu finds out that Song does not have money to repay his debts, and did not have the money to pay for his Presidental Suite in the hotel.


Miu helps Song to fine a house, and she got her sister-in-law Kiu to recommend him the house right opposite her house. Song refuses to pay the commission and Miu pays for him instead.


Lin’s cart gets reported by a fellow hawker, so Song recommends her to work in Miu’s father’s noodle shop (Chai Kei). Lin then bring her whole family to work, and Miu orders her to not talk to her family members. Lin’s mother-in-law keeps chatting with the customers and scaring them away, while Lin’s son KK always asks Miu to relay messages to Lin, so in the end  Miu decides to let them talk again.


Miu brings Song to a restaurant to meet her friend to get him a job, but Dayo scared the person away. Miu meets Kiu there, and Kiu introduces her a guy. Miu acts like a refined lady, and only says that she works in the finance sector, but did not tell the guy that she was a debt collector. When Miu goes out she sees a guy who is in the top ten debtors list, so she throws a shoe at him (but Song catches it). She then asks the guy to drive her in his car, but he just drives away because Miu is a “loanshark”. Both Miu and Song chase the debtor to the rooftop of a building, where he threatens to jump. Seeing the guy jump “down the building”, Song then trys to pull him, but end up almost falling “down the building”. Song tries to hang on to Miu’s handbag, but ends up breaking the strap of the bag. After falling he realises that there’s a platform below. Miu then tells him that the place is “heaven” for people who try to avoid debts.


Miu hates Song for breaking her new and expensive handbag, so she pastes posters with his picture everywhere, stating that he owes money. Song goes to a shop without his posters, and orders 4 dishes which cost $24 when he only has $20. He also tells the boss to sell 4 dishes for $20 instead, and that attracted a lot of business for the boss. The shop snatches away most of Chai Kei’s business, so Miu and Lin go over to see in which aspect is Chai Kei inferior to the shop. They meets Song there, and learns of how he managed to improve the shop’s business.

Miu asks her subordinates to get Song to pay up, and leaves them playing mahjong. The next day she finds out that they had just asked Song for tips on the stock market, and Song’s predictions were right.

Personal thoughts:

I liked the part where they went to look at the house (: Charmaine’s character is quite sart, by getting her debtor to just stay opposite her, in convenience of collecting debts ;D The part where they ran after the debtor was also funny, Dayo keep pulling and did not realise the platform XD I love the part where Dayo keeps seeing his posters everywhere the most, Charmaine’s character predicted that he would wear sunglasses and a mask 😀 The boy who acted as KK looks quite cute too (:

You’re Hired Ep 1

10 09 2009

First post on a TVB show 😀 I shall post up the summary and caps for ep 1 of You’re Hired (: I just started on this show on Saturday, and just finished it too, now my heart feels so empty D: You can read the show’s summary @


Song (Dayo) gets disturbed on the plane by some kids, so he pretends to have an infectious diesease and in the end he gets moved to the first class cabin.


After that Song goes to the hotel and makes many unreasonable requests until the staff cannot tolerate him.


He then goes to find Lin(Theresa) but sees a lot of loansharks. When the loansharks get suspicious of why he talks so much, he pretends to be Lin’s neighbour, and that the boy living next door is his son.


Miu (Charmaine) goes to some party and she dresses up like a rich lady. It turns out that she was a debt collector and just went there to collect some guy’s debts. She also lies to the guy’s girlfriend that the guy was donating money to build a school.


Song meets Kat (Benz) in the restaurant of the hotel. Kat chats with his “friend”, the owner of the hotel, who owes his father (Chow Chung) a lot of money. His friend then persuades him to take the hotel to pay off the debt. Right after Kat signs the agreement, people walk over saying that his father’s company had requested to seal the hotel.


After they seal the hotel, the people are moved  to some other place with other poor people. Song threatens the employee to let them stay in a better place or he would file a complaint about her. When Kat gets scolded by his father, Song also moves to their table and listen to their conversation.


Miu, being a shopping addicts, rushes off to buy the bag that was just released. However, she had already used up all her credit in her credit card. At that moment, she saw Song and Kat, and Kat was holding onto a black credit card. She asks if she could use the card as there was a 10% discount for that card, but Song thinks that she should pay a “price” to use the card. Thus, Kat tells Miu to try clothes on so he could know which dress to give to his girlfriend. Song also tells him to hug Miu to know if she was around the same build as his girlfriend.


Kat announces to the media that he would build a hotel for pets, but his father knows that Song came up with the idea. , and even found out that Song used to be a famous businessman in America. His father then approaches Song, hoping that  Song could work for his company, but Song rejects the offer.

Miu, on the other hand, goes back to her father’s noodle shop, which business is average. The employees keep slacking, and her father just lets the neighbours take drinks freely from the fridge without charging them.


Miu has a brother, Sum (Power), and a sister-in-law, Kiu (Mandy). They are quite rich, and rarely go back for dinner.


Song finds Lin, who sells pancakes, and tells her of ways to improve her business. Miu also finds Lin, and wants of tell her to repay her debt, but stops when she realises that that Lin does not even have enough money to let her son go to school. Miu also mistakens Song as Lin’s husband, and thinks that he is enjoying life while his family suffers. Song tells Miu that he would pay the debt for Lin, and shows her the contract that Kat’s fat her had given to him.

Personal thoughts:

Song is so cunning XD he cheated the people on the plane, and also made use of the hotel staff. The part where he pretends to be the little boy’s father is also funny, he kept pinching the boy’s cheeks to make him not talk. Miu is also quite smart, she used tricks to get people to pay their debts 🙂 I love her hairstyle and clothes too ^^

Wow this post looks so long ._. maybe I will make the other eps summaries shorter 🙂